Who is God? Kinsman Redeemer


I originally wrote this as a guest post for To the Moon and Back. Look for more “Who is God?” posts in the future!


What is the story behind how you received your name? Perhaps you were named after a family member, or a best friend. Maybe your parents liked the sound, or meaning, of a certain name. Names are important. They label us as certain, specific individuals. Sometimes when someone forgets a name it is embarrassing, because you don’t want the other person to think that you do not value him or her.

Names can also bring specific images to mind. When I say, “Frosted Flakes” what picture comes to mind? Tony the Tiger. What about “The Braves”? Perhaps the tomahawk wielding fans of the baseball team in Atlanta. Names can also bring about strong emotions of controversy such as “Nixon,” or “Washington D.C.”

So what image…

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